COVID-19 Response

With level 1 now a reality, it has become safe for the new normal to include some more of life before COVID. We can get closer to each other, visit friends who were far away, and start attending events again. However, while the work was done and the chain broken through lockdown, Kiwijam will do its best to ensure that you stay as safe as possible.


What we're doing

To help maintain hygene, all surfaces will be regularly disenfected during the event, as well as before and after. Where ever food is involved we will make sure gloves and plenty of hand sanitiser is available.

This is also the first year where Kiwijam will be available remotely. This means that participants not comfortable with or who are unable to attend can join in online. To help facilitate this, we will be using Discord both during the in-person event and online event to enable teams to work remotely.


What you can do

If you were previously planning to attend in-person but are now feeling unwell, you should stay home and join remotely. We know this is a bummer after being quarantined for so long, but jamming from the comfort of home is a fine price to pay to protect the rest of the attendees.

Since community transmission is broken, the usage of masks and gloves are encouraged, but not required. There will also be hand sanitisers available throughout the venue, so there is no shortage of place to wash your hands.


In case of disaster

Should a second wave arrive, Kiwijam will switch to running remote-only – if this happens and you were planning to come in-person, we will let you know through email of our plans but expect to join the rest of New Zealand online. We are working hard to making this event a good experience for anyone of any background to come along, whether it be physical or remote.

For more information

If you would like to learn more about what you can do in the fight against covid (and in the path to recovery), check out the official information provided by the Ministry of Health. The University of Auckland also has policies on COVID, which you can read more about by clicking the button below.