Terms & Conditions

Audiovisual recordings (e.g, photos) of attendees and games might be used for promotional and marketing purposes. Where practical, we will always try to ask for consent. If you wish to not be included in audiovisual recordings, we’re more than happy to oblige. Please notify [email protected] before the event.

If you booked but due to unforeseen circumstances couldn’t attend, another person can attend in your place as long as you notify us beforehand and provide us their details.


  • In the unlikely case of event cancellation, the liability of the organisers will be limited to the return of paid fees (in this case none). In addition, the organisers may alter the location of the event at any time with notice to you. While we apologise in advance should an unlikely scenario cause inconvenience, the organisers will not be liable for any loss, damages or expenses that may arise.
  • In the unlikely case of property you bring being lost, stolen, or damaged, Kiwijam will not be held responsible for the replacement or repair of these items. That is to say that you alone are responsible for anything you bring to the event.
  • In the case that you, or a guest you invited, cause damage to Kiwijam or University of Auckland property, you will be held liable for any costs of repair or replacement.